iem #4:
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  • Italian music was always on the top of excellent taste and highest harmony, it carries the mark of very special unity of traditions and innovations. It reflects the national characters and reacts historical legacy. Italy has the unique cultural roots – from the ancient civilizations and religious cults to political extremism, industrialisation, information revolution and other goals of modern life.
    Unbelieveable musicality of italian soul couldn't leave aside this narrow and gloomed sector of underground which is the object of our interest. Originality and multitude of this music is going beyond one little article and deserves the entire issue or even book.
    So we decided to create such book – somehow in the encyclopedic form, and also in more traditional publications, the next issue of IEM magazine will be completely devoted to the hstory of italian underground movement. From the days of M.B. and even earlier years of electroacoustic experimentation, to the present time, exploring the front-end forms of electronic music.
    Current state of the project